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Welcome to the homepage for the Statistical Consulting Program at the University of Chicago!
Here, you will find more information about our program, how to contact us and what to expect from our services and consultants. You will also find links to helpful resources, the consulting request form, as well as a way to look for and consult RA opportunities. Our consultants can also use this page as a starting page in their discussion with their clients, as well as to find tips on how to lead a consulting session or consult prior cases.
Note: We are currently under the process of designing and expanding this website. Any feedback on useful resources to include and improvements to be made are welcome!

Consulting Objectives

The Statistics Consulting workshop is an integral part of our graduate training. It combines the two following objectives:

We currently offer two formats of consulting: clinic-style consulting, and a more involved hands-on collaborative format. The clinic-style consultation does not offer coding nor implementation help. Rather, it provides an opportunity for members of the research community to efficiently seek help and advice with their own analyses. We emphasize that this service is provided by our students on a voluntary basis as part of their training and in addition to their regular workload and is entirely pro bono. Additional more hands-on help or collaborations can be further arranged for adequate projects. For such projects, adequacy will be determined upon the client’s request after an initial clinic-style meeting.

Find out more in our About the consulting program tab!

News and Announcements

We are open during the academic quarters (Sign up for a consultation meeting at here)

Consulting Cup Winter 2023

Congratulations to the Winter Consulting Cup Award winner: The Friday Team of Sean O’Hagan, Kiho Park, Misha Sohan, Zihao Wang, and Matthew Yang!

Consulting Cup W23
Winter 2023 Friday Team

Consulting Cup Autumn 2022

Congratulations to the Autumn 2022 Consulting Cup Award winner: The Monday Team of Yu Gui, Jimmy Lederman, Shu-Hsiang Wang, Zihao Wang, and Xiaohan Zhu!

Consulting Cup F22
Fall 2022 Monday Team

News and Announcements (2021-2022)

Consulting award Senior Consultants recognition of the year (2021-2022)

Please join us in congratulating the yearly consulting award winners Yuhan Liu, Bill Katsianos, and Subhodh Kotekal, voted by the student consultants for their outstanding work in their consulting teams. A round of applause to the recipients of the Senior Consultant recognition Wei Kuang, Soumyabrata Kundu, and Rohan Hore, recommended by student consultants and faculty for their consistent, excellent contributions.

Yuhan Liu, Bill Katsianos, and Subhodh Kotekal
with Prof. Donnat and Prof. Nicolae (Chair)
Wei Kuang, Soumyabrata Kundu, and Rohan Hore
with prof. Donnat

Consulting Cup Spring 2022

Congratulations to the Spring 2022 Consulting Cup Award winner: The Thursday Team of Yuwei Cheng, Kulunu Dharmakeerthi, Omar Ghattas, Lin Gui, Xiaoyu Lei, Cheuk To Tsui!

Consulting Cup S22
Spring 2022 Thursday Team

Consulting Cup Winter 2022

Congratulations to the Winter 2022 Consulting Cup Award winner: The Wednesday Team of Tenmay Gupta, Bill Katsianos, Annie Xie, Ke Xu, and Jinwen Yang!

Consulting Cup W22
Winter 2022 Wednesday Team

Consulting Cup Fall 2021

Congratulations to the Fall 2021 Consulting Cup Award winner: The Thursday Team of Melissa Adrian, Subhodh Kotekal, Kentaro Nakamura, Huanqing Wang, and Yuepeng Yang!

Consulting Cup F21
Fall 2021 Thursday Team

Consultants of the quarter (Summer 2021)

Please join us in congratulating the team of Wei Kuang, Deqing Fu and Yanbing Yi, for their expectional service as consultants over the summer! They have created an R tutorial, which provides a good introduction and starting point to anyone looking to learn about R!

Wei Kuang, 3rd Year PhD
Wei Kuang
3rd Year PhD
Deqing Fu, Advanced MS
Deqing Fu
Advanced MS Student
Yanbing Yi
Yanbing Yi
Advanced MS Student

Good job, team!