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This page lists resources for our student consultants to help them lead consulting sessions.

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Q &A: How to lead a consulting session

What is expected of me during the session?

As a student consultant, you are expected to (a) lead and contribute to the conversation with the client and (b) participate in the discussion during the Wednesday seminars.

How do I lead the session?

To lead a session, you should simply gear the conversation to gain as much information as possible from the client in order to help him:

When you ask questions, remember that this is an exchange between the client and you, and you are trying to teach the client the way you think. So, rather than asking a set of questions such as “How many data points do you have? Are the data split into batches?”, try explaining as much as possible the rationale behind your questions: “How many data points do you have? Knowing the number of data points is important in determining the test that you will be able to use, so for instance, if you have too few (let’s say, less than 30), you might have to use a non-parametruc test. Are the data split into batches? This is important for us to know if we have to add a “batch effect” in our analysis. A big component here is your ability to explain clearly to the client the rationales and subtleties of the analysis that you are suggesting.

What if I do not know what to suggest to the client?

This is bound to happen, and you should not worry!!

What is the student consulting cup?

The consulting cup is a friendly competition amongst consulting teams to be elected “best consultants” of the quarter. The winning team will get a certificate during the final consulting seminar of the quarter. Individual consultants will also gain points, that will count towards the “best consultant of the year” award handed out by the department each year. Individual consultants and teams can gain points by:

Task Points for the Team Points for the Consultant
Client Satisfaction Score + 10 \(\times\) score + 10 \(\times\) score
Client Special mention of a consultant   + 10 \(\times\) score
Discussion of teams’ cases during the Wed. seminar between -20 and 20  
Participation to the Wed. seminar   + 5 for each intervention
Help with the website   + 10
Hands-on collaboration + 50 + 50